Geçmİş Olsun!

The most charming little Turk I know has been sick for two weeks now, and I’m pining away for want of his company! Let me introduce you to Toprak, looking as spunky as he will be again once he kicks his little flu bug.

I love the picture of him studiously working on something Atatürk-related. Really warms a teacher’s heart!

I was unsuccessful in my attempt to capture his hilariously villainous Snidely Whiplash one-eyebrow-raised melodrama face—but I promise I won’t leave the country without photo documentation. It consistently makes my week.

Join me in wishing a darling boy and a happy student geçmiş olsun—get well soon!


One thought on “Geçmİş Olsun!

  1. Julie says:

    Those Turkish babies will steal your heart! Beware, he looks like quite the charmer! 😉

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